Dress your child like Mickey Mouse

Red shorts, large yellow shoes and white gloves- these are the things that is commonly attributed to Mickey Mouse. Being one of the first cartoon characters in the history of animation, Mickey Mouse has been an icon from one generation to another. It’s definitely not a surprise how it became the world’s famous mouse!

Tagged as the most well-loved cartoon character of all time, this funny mouse happens to be the official mascot of the popular children entertainment company that is none other than the Walt Disney Company. His stardom leads a lot of opportunities for the company especially in the world of animation and fashion. This is the reason why majority of the kids around the globe recognizes Mickey Mouse.

It’s time to copy his style to your little one! Turn your baby into a real life Mickey Mouse with these young and trendy essentials!
Two Ear Baby Mesh CapOne of Mickey Mouse’s trademarks is his large and circular ears. Grow some identical ears to your youngster with this multi-tone Two Ear Baby Mesh Cap! Keeping your child from rain and harmful sun rays are now cuter than before!



Red Shorts with Pair
Mickey will never be Mickey without his bright red shorts! This Red Shorts with Pair highlights the sporty side of your baby boy without forgetting the most recognized mouse around the globe. With various sizes available, accomplishing the total Mickey Mouse makeover is now possible!



Mickey Mouse Inspired Leather Wrist Watch
Did you know that Mickey’s first merchandise appearance is recorded on alarm clocks and wrist watches? Complete your little boy’s Mickey Mouse style with this Mickey Mouse Inspired Leather Wrist Watch that features the remarkable icon of Disney’s flagship cartoon character!

Turn your child’s fantasy into reality and transform him into a real Mickey Mouse even just for a day.

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