Why Alpaca Sweaters Make the Best Hanukkah Gifts

While Hanukkah is usually associated with gift-giving for kids, adults are really getting into the holiday. In fact, the increase of adults participating in giving Hanukkah gifts to each other has gone up by more than 70 percent since 2015. Hanukkah is the happiest of all Jewish holidays, so it goes without saying that the gift you give your loved one should be rooted in joy. This is why high-quality alpaca sweaters from Peru make for an ideal Hanukkah gift; everything about these garments pains a smile on the faces of those who wear them. Here is a list of reasons why.

Alpaca Sweaters Offer Real Value for Luxury

We all want nice things, but not all of us are willing to shell out money for cashmere. Alpaca sweaters are very comparable to cashmere in that they are extremely soft and, like cashmere, alpaca fiber is used by some of the top fashion labels like Prada and Gucci to make sweaters, coats, jackets, scarves, hats and gloves.

Alpaca sweaters also last longer than cashmere when properly cared for. So long as you hand-wash alpaca sweaters using a gentle detergent, pad it between two towels and lay if flat to dry, and store it in a moth-proof box, alpaca sweaters can outlast their owners.

Alpaca sweaters also cost less than cashmere while offering a luxurious look and feel making them an ideal Hanukkah gift.

Alpaca Sweaters Fit Any Style

Another reason why alpaca sweaters are amazing Hanukkah gifts is that they come in a wide variety of colors, designs and types. Alpaca sweaters for men can consist of cardigans, zip up pullovers and polos. They can be ribbed, come in a houndstooth pattern, herringbone pattern, or keep a plain minimalist look for the modern man. Women’s alpaca sweaters can be thigh-length, ruanas, shawls, and also consist of pullovers and cardigans. They come in single colors, natural colors, and mixed colors. There are even Norwegian design alpaca sweaters for both genders. If you are concerned about giving a gift that may not meet the person’s style, shop alpaca sweaters and feel confident knowing you have several solutions that meet their distinct style.

Alpaca Sweaters are Made with Love

Hanukkah is a joyous time, so why not give a gift build from love? For starters, alpaca sweaters from Peru are made by family farms, some dating back to 1000 years. When you shop alpaca sweaters from Peru or Bolivia you are supporting sustainability and a family’s ability to provide for their community.

Alpaca sweaters are also made in an eco-friendly manner void of industrial equipment or factories that pump pollutants into the air. Finally, alpaca are allowed to live in their natural environments, free from caged or fenced areas. They live, play and graze on the hillsides and live happy, beautiful lives. Just make sure you buy alpaca sweaters from a retailer who sources the fibers from Peru or Bolivia to get an eco-friendly sweater made to the highest standards.