The Most Efficient Fat Removal Procedures

If there is something that bothers us all is to have excess fat in the body, a person who has a lot of fat in his body often feels bad about himself, has problems of safety and self-esteem, as he is not comfortable with his body and have this excess weight makes him feel less attractive. As we know that this is a problem that affects almost everyone and that all we want is to eliminate these excesses, we have given ourselves the task of finding the best ways to eliminate body fat easily.

As we know that this is a problem that affects almost everyone and that all we want is to eliminate these excesses, we have given ourselves the task of finding the best procedures to eliminate body fat easily and here we present some of them.

Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis is one of the treatments most used nowadays to reduce fat in the areas where it usually accumulates in the body.

The treatment consists of eliminating the fat through a laser that causes a chemical reaction that causes our body to naturally absorb the fat.

This procedure is also known as lipolaser and focuses mainly on burning the lipids of the area where it is applied to be able to transform it into fatty acids and glycerol, which will be consumed due to our energy needs.

To explain a little more about what this process consists of, we will try to define exactly its function. During the Lipolysis procedure, a chemical reaction is created and the triglycerides are separated from the fat cells so they can decompose. A great advantage of this treatment is that it is not invasive, like many other procedures to burn fat. In summary, the purpose of lipolysis is to separate the fat so it stops being stored by the triglycerides and in this way our body can consume it all.

The procedure takes approximately 2 hours. Once the procedure is complete it will be necessary to exercise for approximately 10 minutes (the time will vary according to the amount of reduced fat) The use of a compression corset during the 2 weeks is mandatory. The recovery takes a couple of days and the advantage is that there is no pain or special care as with other treatments.

The final results can be observed 3 months after the treatment when the skin returns to its natural position by itself.

This makes it one of the simplest treatments to burn fat.



Abdominal radiofrequency is a modern procedure to burn accumulated belly fat. This consists of the application of electromagnetic waves, through fat reduction will be achieved. With this method not only we manage to reduce the fat of the abdomen, but we can also give a healthier appearance to the skin, reducing the flaccidity of the stomach, cellulitis and we can even achieve a flat stomach.

This procedure works in the following way, it stimulates the creation of new collagen and the elimination of a big amount of adipose tissue, so in this way the localized fat is detached from the skin bit by bit, and the fibers that take care of giving elasticity to it, tense in order to reduce the sagging of the abdomen. Two results that can be expected are the toning of the treated area and the contouring of the figure, all this without the need for surgery.

This treatment can be performed in both men and women.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure which consists of the extraction of accumulated fat in different areas of the body, such as the jowls, arms, breasts, abdomen, among others.

This procedure is performed under local, epidural or general anesthesia, as the case may be, and consists of introducing a cannula into the adipose tissue that is responsible for sucking the fat from the area being treated. This lasts approximately 2 hours.

Once the procedure is finished, it is necessary to stay in the clinic for two or three days to avoid the formation of edema, to control inflammation, pain, and bleeding. A compressive bandage is also applied over the treated area to allow the skin to adapt to its new contour, which will need to be worn for two or three weeks day and night and a few more weeks during the day only.

If you are considering this treatment, it would be a good idea that you look for liposuction in Tijuana, because you will save a great amount of money and you will have excellent results.


Coolsculpting is a modern procedure to remove fat, this is based on cryolipolysis, which consists in eliminating fat cells through low temperatures in a natural way. This treatment is quite safe and effective, it is not invasive and in reality, there is no pain.

With this treatment, you can eliminate between 20% and 25% of fat in the treated area with a single session. This treatment is ideal for people looking for a simple and effective method to eliminate fat without pain and without the need for post-treatment care.

Now that you know The most efficient Fat Removal Procedures, is in your hands to decide which is the better for you and your body.