How to set up an aesthetic medicine clinic

Aesthetic Medicine has become the Medicine of Health and Welfare. There is therefore a real demand and a broad market in which to consolidate and expand, if a quality service is offered.

It is a very attractive activity, centered on people. To the incentive of a good income perspective joins the possibility of developing a dynamic and changing profession, as new treatments and needs that are emerging are changing. There is the possibility of extending the supply of services at any time and thus access other segments of the demand. If what you want is that in fact a good care by a health professional is as a patient verify that it is an expert person who will take care of you and put your braces Tijuana.

However, the beginnings and the subsequent management are never easy. It is advisable to prepare the land well with a detailed analysis and thorough planning.

Readers will be guided step by step and will have at their disposal all the information to assemble and manage their Aesthetic Medicine Clinic: their first investment and perhaps the most profitable to ensure their future success.

In this Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs we analyze the main aspects to consider: What services can I offer ?; How to differentiate and stand out among so much offer ?; What are the trends? How is day-to-day organization organized? ; What aspects are essential? How do I fix the prices? How to make my company known in an effective way? What collaborators will I need and how to hire them? What procedures do I have to comply with and what permits do I need to apply for? What kind of legislation applies to me? Is there aid? How much will I have to invest? How much will I sell and when will I start to win? Where can I go to …?