3 Hair Styling Tools Every Chic Woman Should Own

Having great-looking hair offers women a number of benefits. From boosting self esteem and confidence, to conveying the semblance of power and professional drive, stylish hair is essential for today’s modern woman. And this is why it is important to own the best hair styling tools to maintain that expensive salon look and feel. But with all the different hair styling tools to choose from, which are the ones that are staples every woman should own?

This article is intended to help stylish women determine which hair styling tools are necessary for maintaining a stylish head of hair without having to pay thousands a year to local salons, or spending countless hours in the stylist’s chair. With the right hair styling tools, women can save time and money by using their own hair styling tools at home, and this article will point out the top ones to purchase.


  1. Hair Straightener Brush

A heated hair straightener brush is a must-have hair styling tool for women who want flat, straight shiny hair without frizz or creases. But not all hair straightening brushes are created equally. Look for one with ceramic heated plates, as ceramic is a high quality material that offers maximum efficiency while protecting hair from damage. Ceramic plates are known for producing quick, even temperatures across an entire surface that always maintains the same temperature to give a powerful straightening effect with every sweeping pass.

You should also get a hair straightener brush that is suitable for all hair types, and that has multiple special features. These should include a heat time of no more than 30 seconds, an automatic shutoff feature, Cool Tip Ionic bristles, professional swivel chord, boars hair, and 60 or more heated plates.


  1. Travel Hair Dryer is a Must-Have Hair Styling Tool

A good hair dryer is an essential hair styling tool that should be designed for proficiency, stunning results, and protect hair from damage. And a travel hair dryer is a must-have hair styling tool to use at home, or on the go. Look for a travel hair dryer that can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and that’s lightweight so not to cause wrist strain or fatigue. A good travel hair dryer will also offer the same power and styling results of a full size hair dryer. Look for a travel hair dryer with a high compression turbine fan, dual voltage, fast drying times, Tourmaline ceramic grill, and a warranty that covers your travel hair dryer from any manufacturer defects for one year after the date of purchase.


  1. Instyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler

If you want smooth, shiny voluminous hair with movement, the Instyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler is the hair styling tool for you. This tool combines the round brush with a blow dryer to give that salon look of bouncy hair with volume and shine. It spins at more than 150 revolutions per minute with a heated revolving barrel that garners hair straightening power as it glides through hair carefree with ease. The quality resides in its two-way rotation, natural boar and ionic bristles, Tourmaline ceramic heated plates, a maximum of 430 degrees with four heat settings, a 7’’ professional swivel chord, and an automatic shut off feature for added safety. You can also add a removal heat guard to ensure your beautiful counter never gets damaged.